Maize known in some English-speaking countries as corn, is a large grain plant domesticated by old times. The leafy stalk produces ears which contain the grain, which are seeds called kernels. Maize kernels are often used in cooking as a starch. The six major types of maize are dent, flint, pod, popcorn, flour, and sweet.
Corn Specification
Products  Description country of Origin
1. Moisture 14% Max
2. Crude Protein: 7% Min.
3. Aflatoxin: : 20PPB max
4. Foreign Matter: 1.Max
5. Broken Karnels-3% Max
6. Damage Karnels- 2% max
7. Lead 20PPM max.
8. Sand S: 1.5 % max
9. Admixture: 1% Max
Packing: 25kg, 50kg, in PP/Jute/Carton
Brazil and Austria
Load Ability
2 Years
(Shelf Life)
26MT in 20
(50kg packing)
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